About the company

UxJournal is an ever-growing knowledge base in product design, branding, and analytics. Its audience now counts up to 17,000+ readers all over the world.


The customer needed to move all articles from Medium to their own website and create a convenient way to navigate between articles.

Challenges we faced

The main page of the blog features a selection of the freshest articles. For it, we had to develop a mechanism for showing new enjoyable articles to users. It's common to create such selections based on a user's reading history, however, there were  no readers' accounts on the website. That's why we decided to use internal browser storage that can keep user data. To make the selection of top articles update regularly, we created a unique mechanism. Here's how it works: a selection of top 100 popular articles "spin in the wheel" and changes daily. If a user has seen all the articles from the selection, the "wheel" starts over.   

What we've learned

  1. Get rid of bots to reduce the number of requests to API when detecting a user location. If there are too many API requests, GeoIP starts charging money
  2. Create article pages in a way that makes the design easy to change
  3. Create complex graphic visuals that don't interfere with the key functionality of the website

The results

As we developed a blog from scratch and transfer articles from Medium, we managed to achieve the following: 

  • Transferred all the articles from Medium to the new website
  • Created convenient navigation for reading and searching for articles. Before, with Medium, articles quickly disappeared in the feed
  • Developed ad banners to promote online courses in design, marketing, and other areas 
  • Increased branded traffic. Now, when users search "UxJournal", they find the new blog instead of an old Medium account