About the company

TravelLine is an international software company that creates management tools for the hotel industry. TravelLine's products help hotels find new guests and gain more online bookings.


The client asked us to test a ready-made website for the hotel industry to maintain professional quality assurance of their products.


To perform a high-quality website check, we thoroughly tested website functionality and code. We tested the website in all popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari. We checked all the images and their attributes and tested all forms and data validation in forms. Plus, we tested how the website works on various mobile devices, screen resolutions, and operating systems.

QA checklist

  • Cross-browser compatibility test
  • Website adaptivity test
  • Bitrix doesn't resize images so they don't appear larger than the original size
  • Font upload and display test
  • Absolute and relative links test
  • Forms and data validation test
  • HTML standards compliance test
  • HTTPS test
  • Javascript error test
  • Image attribute test
  • Clickability test for all elements
  • Website widgets test


We created a detailed 14-page table that contained website QA results according to the top 12 testing criteria. We provided the client with detailed comments on the areas for improvement and gave recommendations on how to fix the issues we found.