About the company

Norvik Bank is one of the major local banks of the Kirov region (Russia) that offers a wide range of banking products and services for private and corporate customers. The bank offers credits, debit and credit cards, deposits, cash management and payment services, currency exchange, etc.


We had to develop 6 promo websites for promoting bank services and collecting prospects' contacts. 

Here are the products we had to create webpages for: 

  • Premium and business car loans
  • Business loans for any purpose
  • Loans for contract execution
  • Loans from Russia in Spain 
  • Overdraft for business
  • Express loans for business secured on property 


To quickly launch the project and connect new web pages to the main website ("Norvik Bank"), we developed the pages using clear HTML + CSS + JS. This solution allowed us to comply with all the safety rules and regulations for bank websites.

As a result, we developed 6 websites — a dedicated page for each bank product.


Having launched the websites and ad campaigns, the customer collected 200+ requests for financial services for business.