Mariholod has been one of the major manufacturers of commercial refrigerator equipment since 1941.

About the project

The client needed a corporate website with a dealer account that displays all the freshest data: documents, price lists, certificates, and advertising materials. 


Before, each product page had its own structure of product presentation. It was difficult for users to find out product details and specs. To address this issue, we developed a cohesive design and content structure for all product pages to help visitors navigate between pages and select the right products.

To help users select local distributors, we implemented a website section that contains the list of all official dealers and distributors of the company. In this section, users can find contact details of each dealer or distributor and take advantage of a convenient search filter for searching local dealers/distributors.

Based on data from Yandex.Metrica and Webwisor for the previous website, we collected several hypotheses and took them into account when creating a new design

Challenges we faced

  • To build a cohesive structure for all product pages, we had to develop a parser that allowed us to turn an uncoordinated structure into a neat and consistent one.
  • All the images on the old website were in the jpg format that doesn't support transparency. Removing backgrounds for 600+ images manually would be a very time-consuming task. To avoid this, we used, a dedicated service that detects a key object in a picture, removes a background, and makes it transparent.  

What we've learned

  • Unify content display to have a flexible way to present information
  • Automate removing image backgrounds using the service