An online stationery store with 5,000 products..

About the company

KancPark is a chain of retail and online stationery stores.


We had to launch an online store with 1,800 products in 1 week. The task was to develop an ecommerce website and organize online sales while retail stores were closed due to the pandemic.

В Details

Before closing their retail stores, the KancPark company (formerly known as Kancler) reached us and our partners from marketing agency.

As they had to temporarily close retail stores, the company decided to start selling their products online. 

For KancPark, time is money. To launch the project faster, we suggested building an ecommerce website using ready-made templates.

The first version of the website went live in 1 week. To do this, we collected all the content required for launching the site, and used only the most essential elements and features of an ecommerce website template

In the second version of the website, we added: 

  • Exchange of products and orders using 1С
  • Online cash register
  • Optimization of site loading speed
  • Sleek design based on the best practices of top marketplaces: Ozon and Beru

Challenges we faced

During project development, there were a couple of challenges that interfered with a fast transition to online. 

The first issue was setting up and configuring an ecommerce website template. It had a lot of excessive features our client didn't need.

Secondly, the first template-based version of the website didn't meet all the objectives. It wasn't optimized for modern standards and loaded slowly. To address this issue, we launched the second version with new features and a modern design. For these purposes, we used ready-made elements of popular Russian online marketplaces, Ozon and Beru. When building the new version, we used some common design patterns that are used in these popular marketplaces.

What we've learned

  1. Configure an exchange of the list of products and orders with 1С
  2. Create custom themes for WooCommerce


  • We launched an ecommerce website in 1 week.
  • The company processed 230+ online orders from the website while retail stores were closed during the pandemic.
  • "KancPark" has taken the top position among online stationery stores in Mari El Republic (Russian region).