About the company

H2U is a major Russian company that has been selling and distributing hydrogen water generators and ionizations since 2012.


The task was to launch an ecommerce website for selling equipment, with online payments and a door-to-door delivery calculator.


H2U made a full rebranding and decided to launch an online store for selling their products all over Russia.

We analyzed user behavior on the old version of the website using Yandex.Metrica and Webvisor services.

The website was designed by YOSO

According to the customer's request, we selected OpenCart as an ecommerce management platform as the company has already used this service. 

To set up the option to pay online, we selected the PayAnyWay payment system. We used an official module for OpenCart to integrate the online payment system with the website.

To ensure fast product delivery, we chose CDEK delivery service. It provides door-to-door delivery: they grab packages from a warehouse and deliver them to customers. We implemented delivery calculation and processing using an official CDEK module for OpenCart.

As it was important for the client to monitor the conversion of ad campaigns on the website, we implemented the promo code function. With a promo code, users can get a discount for a certain product or the whole shopping cart.

To increase outreach, we set up the export of products to Yandex.Market platform. Export is performed via an official Yandex.Market module for OpenCart. With this functionality, all products from the website are exported to Yandex's marketplace, and Yandex.Market visitors are redirected to the website for purchasing products

Challenges we faced

One of the tasks was to set up discounts in the shopping cart. We needed to implement a discount mechanism that works when customers purchase products in certain categories. Here's how it works: if there are two or more products in the cart (generators or ionizers), a 10% discount applies to the whole cart. To implement this mechanism, products from two categories, "generators" and "ionizers", have to be defined. The standard functionality for discounts in OpenCart didn't allow us to do this, so we developed a custom discount mechanism.

What we've learned

  • Integration with the CDEK delivery service
  • Integration with the PayAnyWay payment system
  • Integration with Yandex.Market