About the project

The Institute of Software Systems scheduled a conference, "Top best professions in the digital industry", to increase the attractiveness of digital professions in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. 


We needed to connect a landing page made on Tilda (a website builder) to the main website godesign.school. 

Challenges we faced

At first, we decided to transfer the website using Tilda's instructions and a WordPress plugin. The plugin, however, worked incorrectly:

  1. Paid fonts didn't connect
  2. When uploading via API, styles and layout didn't match those on a Tilda page
  3. The fields of a form worked incorrectly 

After spending several hours studying errors and trying to fix them, we decided to transfer the website via another built-in Tilda mechanism, "ZIP archive download". 

What we've learned

We mastered all the twists and turns of working with Tilda: 

  1. How styles and scripts load
  2. How a request sending service works 
  3. How Tilda API works for exporting a website to your own hosting


We integrated a Tilda-made landing page into the main website built on WordPress. For this page, we created a separate URL: godesign.school/start