About the company

GoDesign offers instructor-led courses in graphic and UX/UI design, marketing and sales, illustration, and creative techniques. Courses are hosted in the Institute of Software Systems.


We had to develop an authentic design-inspired website for selling courses to creative people.


We implemented the project using designs provided by GoDesign's course instructors, Nastya Svezhentseva and Nastya Popova. The target audience of the website are creative people so the design contained a lot of graphics and visuals. For example, we used custom buttons with abrupt edges. The website is completely adaptive to all devices.

On the course description pages, we developed an integration with VK (a social media platform). In this case, new student reviews from social media automatically appear on course pages on a monthly basis. It makes course review management easier and smoother.

Plus, the website now allows students to enroll in courses or book a free consultation.

Challenges we faced

When developing course pages, we faced the need to obtain data from VK (a social media platform). To transfer the data faster, we implemented data caching using built-in browser features. It allowed us to reduce the total number of requests to VK's API. This way, users can dive into course details much faster: they can instantly get information about course dates, pricing, and training schedule.

It was also a challenge to implement non-standard buttons with abrupt edges. We solved this issue using CSS masks that helped us create the right button style.

What we've learned

  1. The principles of working with API for communities and stores in social media. Now, we can integrate any social media content with your website.
  2. Build website components with CSS masks. You can check out these amazing custom buttons on the website.
  3. Use Cache Storage for storing data effectively.