About the company

Breezzly is an online school of UI animation, web design, and mobile and web app design.


The task was to build an online course platform where users can master Principle, InVision Studio, Figma, and other design tools. It is important for a client that each course on Breezly has a free trial version so that students can check out  a part of a course and make an informed decision.


We used Vue.js for frontend and GoLang for backend. This way, the website works much faster.

With Vue, it's possible to easily manage the state on the client-side, and GoLang allowed us to build a highload server.

We needed to make user authorization as fast and as easy as possible. For this, we decided to use social media, and users can log in using their Facebook, VK, and Google accounts.

The last tech challenge was to manage video storage. Building video hosting from scratch requires a lot of time and money. To save the customer's budget and launch the website faster, we integrated the course platform with Vimeo. Its API offers more flexible privacy settings than YouTube.

The result

Currently, 2870+ users take courses on Breezly.