Corporate website development

We develop corporate websites for enterprise and middle businesses in various industries, for any business need.

What we do

Analytics and prototyping:

  • We aim to make your website not just a shiny cover but an effective tool for driving sales. To reach this goal, we find out how your business works, learn about your target audience and their needs, and come up with a solution that fits your business objectives best. 
  • Based on research data and your business tasks, we create prototypes that cover the key user scenarios for your website.


  • We select color palettes, fonts, and layouts, and create a tailored design for your company. We don't use any templates so your design is unique and aligns with your objectives. At our team, designers and developers work together so that all the creative ideas can be flawlessly implemented into a live website.


  • We handoff designs to the development team with clear and accurate specs and assets. This way, we save developers' time and prevent any errors on the development stage.

Basic SEO and PPC ads:

  • Collect a semantic core for your website
  • Optimize website pages for search engines
  • Connect Google Analytics to your website and set up goals
  • Add your website to Google Search Console
  • Set up pay-per-click campaigns in Google Ads
  • Provide further recommendations for search engine promotion


The cost of corporate website development is unique for each project. At, corporate website pricing starts from 1,500$.