Boosting your website

You can ensure that your website works and grows smoothly — take advantage of our website maintenance. We can deal with technical and content issues and boost your website's performance so that it meets all modern standards.

What we do

  • Improve website functionality and add new features for users
  • Integrate websites with online payment systems, delivery calculators, etc.
  • Manage content and create new pages
  • Ensure website security and uninterrupted work

How we work

Before starting, we learn more about the project:

  1. Find out about the issues you'd like to resolve and plans for project development
  2. Study website documentation provided by your developers

If there's no tech documentation :

  1. We'll need approx. 20 working hours to study the functionality of the website and its code.
  2. We deal with the tasks and study the website code. This option takes more time because it's harder to predict which issues the team may face during the working process. 


The cost of website maintenance depends  on your development plans and the tasks you want to address. We work using both hourly rates and ready-to-go pricing plans that include a fixed number of support options.