The most rapid
web development team

Meet the most rapid, fun, and skilled team of web developers! We've been creating top-quality websites, services, and web apps for 3 years. We help local and international banks, factories, schools, digital agencies, and IT companies all over the world launch their web projects with a minimum of fuss.

Key players / Team Leads

JetDev is all about people who have passion for growth. We love fast-paced complex projects and high product quality standards. We value design and are passionate about solutions that don't compromise aesthetics or functionality.

Pavel Ataykin

Develops cool websites and online stores that require advanced front-end techniques

Yegor Khlebnikov

Develops high-load web services and online stores

Andrey Popov

Project Manager and Business Development Manager

We cooperate with industry experts
on complex projects

We can provide full-cycle digital production. For big projects, we extend our team with expert-level product analysts, designers, and web and mobile developers.

  • Design

    • Anastasia Svezhentseva

      UX/UI design, brand identity

      Designs websites and mobile/web apps (UX/UI)

      I design mobile and web app interfaces and websites and help companies take their existing design to the next level. I am passionate about creating logos, brand identity, and unique authentic visuals. Now, I'm delving deeper into commercial illustration, behavioral psychology, and branding. Before becoming a designer, I started my career as a developer :)


    • Yozh marketing agency

      Marketing and branding

      Marketing isn't equal to advertising. Advertising is just a part of marketing.

      These guys know how to bring all the parts together to come up with a complete marketing solution that helps companies and their brand recognition grow. Thanks to their incredible experience of working in various industries, regions, and budgets, Yozh can deal with marketing strategies, branding, SMM, or any uncommon marketing task.

    • Roman Makarov

      SEO, Targeting, PPC

      Expert in online customer acquisition

      Roman launched his first own website in 2011. He promotes personal and customers' projects in Russia and the USA. In his SEO course, Roman shares proven techniques and trends in search engine optimizaation.

    • Olga Zholudova

      Copywriting and content marketing

      Copywriter, translator, and editor

      Olga translates and creates marketing copy. She loves creating website copy, blog articles, social media posts, and marketing materials.


    • Nikita Vanyasin

      Tech Lead (Consultant)

      Nikita is always ready to dive deep into complex projects in digital product development.

      For 8+ years, Nikita's been working on web services, databases, system apps, and DevOps/SRE. He works with startups from all over the world.

Our customers

We work with banks, schools, manufacturers, factories, delivery services, franchises, software companies, and distributors.